“there are very few medical reasons not to get the covid vaccine,” said dr. The study revealed two top reasons for vaccine refusal:

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Temporary medical exemptions must be certified by an authorised medical practitioner, and in some jurisdictions approved by the chief health officer.

Medical reasons to not receive covid 19 vaccine. Concerns about safety and effectiveness. Some individuals are unable to be vaccinated and also, in some cases, tested for medical reasons. A medical exemption may be issued only if an mrna

Not being able to travel to the vaccination centre; You can apply for proof. Many people will be safely able to receive an alternate vaccine.

He doesn’t own patents on them, and even if he did, as a government employee, he would have signed away the rights to the federal government. Patients with a history of anaphylaxis or multiple allergies do not need to be vaccinated in a hospital. The province states the following reasons are not contraindications to getting the covid vaccine in b.c.:

This is because the individual has a temporary medical contraindication to the vaccine, or other temporary medical reason to not receive the vaccine. However, there are specific considerations for patients with a history of anaphylaxis or multiple allergies. History of an anaphylactic reaction to a previous dose of mrna or adenovirus vector.

Mrna) should be offered for immunization. Not being able to find childcare to attend the vaccination appointment;

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