This time coming from the michigan occupational safety and health administration or miosha. According to the cdc, the delta variant is much more contagious, may infect those that have been vaccinated and may also allow vaccinated individuals to spread the virus.

Gov Whitmer Announces Miosha Emergency Rules On Covid For Michigan Businesses Moody On The Market

Employer guidance the following guidance applies across the state, but there may be more restrictive or specific guidelines in your area.

Miosha covid guidelines for healthcare. Miosha said these workplaces may. The states covid workplace safety director sean egan says miosha emergency rules are now in. Miosha announced its draft permanent rules have been withdrawn, and a.

Eye/face protection (e.g., goggles, face shield) A copy of the standard is available on the miosha standards website and here: Please check your local health department website for more information.

As the curve continues to flatten and many businesses reopen their doors, the michigan occupational safety and health administration (miosha) within the dept.

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