Pharmaceutical megacorporation pfizer is now developing a covid pill that is meant to be taken alongside the covid vaccines that have already made the company a staggering amount of money. Success against #covid19 will likely require both vaccines & treatments.

A Pfizer Pill To Treat Covid-19 Could Be Available By The End Of 2021 Healthcom

The drugmaker said monday that it will study the pill it is developing in combination with a low dose of the hiv drug ritonavir in people who are at least 18 years old and live in the same household with someone who is infected.

Pfizer covid pill vaccine. It's for treating people after infection. This drug is one of several antiviral pills that could have a massive impact on. There's a new front in the.

But in future, those vaccines could come from inhalers or even pills. The treatment is a protease inhibitor, a class of drug used to treat hiv and hepatitis c. Certainly, no one could have imagined that the mrna vaccines would be 95% protective against covid, or they would lose effectiveness with time, or that a super variant would take over the.

In a white, airy laboratory in medicon village, one of southern. “success against #covid19 will likely require both vaccines & treatments,” the tweet reads. “the drug is part of a class of medicines called protease inhibitors and works by inhibiting an enzyme that the virus needs to replicate in human cells,” according to cnbc.

The new pill is expected to be released by the end. It's too soon to know which therapy will be better, but there could be multiple winners.

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